You call that a ham sandwich? Take it away at once!

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what was global is now local.
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Hey amy!
Its jenn.... (of gary-n-jenn.) Thought i would say hi and let you know i added you!

hey jen, a.k.a zen, a.k.a. why-haven't-you-added-me-yet-you-crazy-lesbian-bitch? =)

yeah, i don't know why i hadn't added you yet! sometimes these old wires miss the spark. but mark my words, i've gone and added you back!

and. you. gary. me. tameka. dual birthday sushi. good?

Yes that sounds awesome. And if only there were a super happy sushi place that had dancing pandas and bubbles and rainbows it would be my bliss........ ;)
Hope your Thanksgiving was good!!!

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