You call that a ham sandwich? Take it away at once!

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what was global is now local.
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every time i see the zinferno i hear "burn, baby burn...dizco inferno!" rattling around my head. i'm sure that's not what you were going for on that one. blame my boom'tsk'boom'tsk'background.

and that pizza starting oozing out my pours by the time i left. but it was good. and i think the only way to pull something like that off would be with a colorless, odorless liquor...because you know those freshman can smell beer from 10 miles away. maybe ving can just punt them out if they give us the funny eye while we sip on our gin and juice.

it is completely hilarious that you called Clyde 'Ving" because just last night i was thinking that he didn't have to dress up for Halloween since he could just tell everyone he was Ving's police character from Dawn of the Dead... he completely pulls it off.

and unfortunately, i hate gin. bad experience with it in 7th grade, and i have never been able to abide the stuff since.

he does. even his voice scares me a little. i guess all ne needs is an ak47.

you know what? i kinda hate gin too. it reminds me too much of pines. not that pines have an unfavorable smell...i'd just rather not be drinking them. however, in order for us to get away with the colorless oderless theme, are choices are limited, i'm no vodka drinker, and they'd notice the limes and salt with tequila.

and, um. 7th grade? gary.....*tsk*

oh its short for 'zombie inferno' which is typical my moniker online, which references a really bad but very cooly named alternate title for the horror film "Zombie, Creeping Flesh' AKA 'Hell of the Living Dead' AKA "Virus'

I have it on vhs and it is god awful, but i really love the name... *laughs*

yeah, it's a very descriptive name. along those lines of a god awful vhs...

actually i have this on DVD. i love this movie. *laughs* then again i love lots of bad horror films.

ahhhh! cotten candy cocoons!

and where are you, g-man, hrmmm? the lab is so dull without my favorite supervisor. ;)

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