You call that a ham sandwich? Take it away at once!

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what was global is now local.
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Aeon Flux filmed! I must see. I missed Charlize Theron's other movies. Does Theron impress you more than Claudia Black?

well, claudia black does have quite the presence. i haven't seen either actor's full list of films, but claudia did impress me in "pitch black." so did theron in "the devil's advocate" and "monster." see those two if you haven't already.

i added you. :)

i added you. ;). stud. hey when does that movie come out by the way?

wow...claudia black auditioned for it? she'dve been awesome in it. I remember her in Farscape & Pitch Black. it ok if i added you?

sure sure. your "data is fully functional android love" made me crack up. and while you went to wizard world, i went to comicon in san diego. that was fkkn amazing! first one, and what a way to pop my con cherry. cheers.

thanks. i keep hearing about comiccon, so i'd like to see it sometime

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