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You call that a ham sandwich? Take it away at once!

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what was global is now local.
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god damn it. I wish I kicked half as much ass as you.

i kick no ass. that's up to ms. theron. :-D

She looks better with dark hair. It brings out her eyes

i agree.

it's from "aeon flux." it hasn't come out yet, but when it does....


Aeon Flux filmed! I must see. I missed Charlize Theron's other movies. Does Theron impress you more than Claudia Black?

well, claudia black does have quite the presence. i haven't seen either actor's full list of films, but claudia did impress me in "pitch black." so did theron in "the devil's advocate" and "monster." see those two if you haven't already.

i added you. :)

(Deleted comment)

sharing your bed is the most loving thing one can do!

look at what the stupid lesbian hill did to my account. the sad this is i have to keep this on here cause i don't know how to change it. i swear, one day when she's not expecting it i'm going to slap her straight. anyway just checking in with you i love you. not like you love one of your lesbian girlfriends but like a sister loves another sister. not a sister like the soul sisters talk about but like a real sister related by blood and all. ok i'm off to see shakespeare on the green. BYE!!

(Deleted comment)
hiya. your name is familiar...have we talked before?

yer a freak, lady. just thought i would remind you.

fuckin' pizza gave me heartburn... dammit. from now on, only the good stuff.. with beers, although i am unsure how to pull that off at work.

every time i see the zinferno i hear "burn, baby burn...dizco inferno!" rattling around my head. i'm sure that's not what you were going for on that one. blame my boom'tsk'boom'tsk'background.

and that pizza starting oozing out my pours by the time i left. but it was good. and i think the only way to pull something like that off would be with a colorless, odorless liquor...because you know those freshman can smell beer from 10 miles away. maybe ving can just punt them out if they give us the funny eye while we sip on our gin and juice.

ew, i suck for not getting back to you. but i did see it a few days ago back here in omaha. did you enjoy it?

Hey amy!
Its jenn.... (of gary-n-jenn.) Thought i would say hi and let you know i added you!

hey jen, a.k.a zen, a.k.a. why-haven't-you-added-me-yet-you-crazy-lesbian-bitch? =)

yeah, i don't know why i hadn't added you yet! sometimes these old wires miss the spark. but mark my words, i've gone and added you back!

and. you. gary. me. tameka. dual birthday sushi. good?

I am always on the bottom (wow...that sounded awkward)but you know what I mean.:-p Anywho... I am torn about this flick...but it's a sweet picture none the less. Have a happy holiday and see you in the new year! ^^ HI Jen!

i haven't seen it yet; i'm assuming it'll be just another canned action flick, but the fact that it roots from way back in the day still makes me want to see it. plus, y'know. charlize. 'n stuff.



um, i WENT to a gay barn out in the suburbs. it was scary. i thought i was going to get lasso'd and bullridden by the gay boys for stepping into thier territory. *shudder*

Amy! This is Martin's sister. I'm adding you.

heya liz! i'm adding you back! rock.

I searched for people with "Omaha" in their interests and you popped up. Then I saw that your interests also included "Christopher Walken" and "Chrono Trigger" and my eyes turned into little hearts. So you don't know me, but I'm adding you. You should add me too...if only to look at my journal entries and think "Well, fuck THAT noise" and subtract me.

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