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You call that a ham sandwich? Take it away at once!

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yadda noura yadda noura
1. Reply with your name and I will write something about you.

2. I will then tell you what song reminds me of you.

3. Next, I will tell you who you remind me of, celebrity, animated or otherwise.

4. Last, I will try to name a single word that best describes you.

5. Put this in your journal.

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Im replying i want to KNOW amy what you think of me.

1. jenny.

2. "i kissed a girl" by jill sobule.

3. you kind of remind me of donna from "that 70's show." without the red hair.

4. inquisitive

5. now put this in your journal.

haha. thats funny

are you on the computer right now. YOu must be working or somethin. anyways, Ramia is going to be really surprised when we come to pick you up. we told her to wear high heels and pink. (?) i'll finish posting my story of ramia goes to camp in just a minute

Re: ah, ms. jenny.

yeah im online at work. i'm hoping she'll be suprised...my dad accidentally may have slipped that "i was thinking of coming down" but i told her that i had school and couldn't make it.

so what's going on? we need to have another massive 200-person party for her.

and i LOVE the story. :D

Re: ah, ms. jenny.

and you need a new icon. something that *doesn't* look like you. >:P

Very funny. I don't know how to change it ive tryed many many times but i can t get it the right size, my story is now posted.

I just have one question....are you GAY or something :)

Re: ah, ms. jenny.

eff u. :P

By the way, in the new episodes of That 70's SHow she has blonde hair, but i don't look like her. what does inquisitive mean?


1. Inclined to investigate; eager for knowledge.
2. Unduly curious and inquiring.

Survey says...

El Ronaldo

Re: Survey says...

1. El Ronaldo

2. Pearl Jam - "Jeremy"

3. Steve Buscemi (don't worry, this isn't based on appearance.)

4. funkadelic.

5. do it.

it reminded me of you.


Re: what's my name bitch?

so, so true....

Re: what's my name bitch?

guess what came in the mail todayyyyyyyy

Re: what's my name bitch?

a personal invitation to pj's humble abode for a nice dinner party?

Re: what's my name bitch?

i wish.
no, your books little lady. no pun intended. *ducks*

Re: what's my name bitch?

whyioughta....................................*rolls up sleeves*

Re: what's my name bitch?

oh yeah...didn't think i ever got around to this:

1. noura.
2. ani - "in or out."
3. shane mccutcheon...ie, katherine moennig.
4. warm.

Re: what's my name bitch?

you and the l word...tsk. and why on earth do i remind you of her?

Re: what's my name bitch?

cause you're both badass and have style. :P

It's TT

I just want to see what you say about me...I can be selfish like that:)

i can't say anything about you cause i don't know who you are, silly. agapay? the hurricane? tameka? tomboi? speak!

nice one, smarty. ;)

1. has eyes like a fox.

2. "the whisper song" (hey...the first time i heard it was at your place!)

3. julia stiles' voice wrapped up in jada pinkett's eyes.

4. introspective.

5. now you must put it in your myspace so i can ask you. :)

you farts taste like jelly

my name is Edna Cornwallace! i was at your party we talked a bit then i took you to my ranch house in paris and sauced you up a bit and called you elvis! i will see you later
chastity bono

Re: you farts taste like jelly


and after you sauced me up in paris i flew to ireland and did a little irish jig with someone else. sorry. i meant to tell you, but i thought i might get another night of hot sweaty lovin' from you. ah well.

Re: you farts taste like jelly

oh yeah.

1. beth is greedy. she doesn't eat pork. she thinks arabs should die. she is the inventor of macadamia metamorphosis. she got kicked out of school for being celine dion. she has a lot of bling. she pwns karaoke. her friend schamual reads a lot of comic books. (and then puts them back in their plastic sleeves, of course.) beth is the author and illustrator of No Cocks Allowed. she has something to do with the Human Tramscorter Device. she isn't human.

2. uh, that one asian rap song. SING IT!

3. there is no one...NO ONE quite like beth.

4. fuckinghilarious.

5. now bethy, you must put this in your journal so you can do the same for me, bitach. :)

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