You call that a ham sandwich? Take it away at once!

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from the very mouth of a Miss Jenny Herself
I got off probation today. Nothing can ruin this day, unless someone dies or Roman breaks up with me, or if im about to burn to death, drownd to death, sufficate to death, be eaten alive by another human being, pirana, thousands of ants, or centipedes. This day will also be ruined if i somehow have to have an enema, my boobs fall off, my brother puts nair in my shampoo, someone makes me eat wax beans, brussel sprouts, or cabbage, if someone hits my car, both of my jobs fire me, all my family and friends disown me, if someone frames me for murder or plants drugs on me and than calls the police. If someone shoves a stick up my butt and than bury's me alive.

If any of this stuff happens than my day will probably be ruined.

But if i lock my keys in my car, get stuck in the snow, throw up, get a hangnail, my phone company shuts my phone off, fall on the ice and my clothes get dirty, get lost, run out of gas, Amy admits she's really straight, my brother and his band play for 8 hours, i lose 50 dollars,(50 and above is cuttin it close to THE RAGE) my day still wouldn't be ruined. Only if those sequence of events happened right in a row, than maybe i would get mad just a little, but i'll be too high to notice.

Yeeesssss. im so excited to get back on track.

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Didn't i already post it you dummy? Oh look im commenting on my own comment, do di da.....that girl is an idiot, why would her boobs fall off...and how. God shes stupid.

yeah i reposted it cause it was hilaaaaarious and so the chicagoans can peek into the life of jenny.


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