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You call that a ham sandwich? Take it away at once!

what was global is now local.
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yadda noura yadda noura
1. Reply with your name and I will write something about you.

2. I will then tell you what song reminds me of you.

3. Next, I will tell you who you remind me of, celebrity, animated or otherwise.

4. Last, I will try to name a single word that best describes you.

5. Put this in your journal.

oh, and....
rise and shine campers, and don't forget your booties 'cause it's cooooold out there today! it's cold out there every day!

1 <3 bill murray.

(no subject)
crazy goings-on, indeed! so a good friend of mine's car was stolen last night from her very apartment complex. the ironic part? the cops found it parked in same complex. apparently the car had minimal gas in the tank and our favorite thieves just didn't get very far. serves 'em right, no? so in their bustle of what i presume would be feeling cheated, they made sure to swipe as much as they could from within the car. luckily she had mounds of junk but little of any value. they left most of it and took a few random things.

and i have concluded that i love leslie's cats. all three of them. they're a great trio, those little buggers. they've each got thier own personality ranging from adorably skittish to forcefully loving. now, what makes them even more endearing is the fact that i'm not allergic to any one of them!!! thank the heavens above, for this little girl can be deathly allergic to cats. and on that note, i think there's a bit of kitten in leslie herself. her movements are very feline (most likely due to the fact that she practices yoga everyday and has taken a body movement class that brings her in tune with her body), and even drives a fiesty little cougar. makes me feel like a big bull (ha!) dog.

so yesterday, my boss at the auditing office decides to get a rise out of me. i'm on the phone trying to convince this lady of something (under one of my five different pseudo-names, mind you.) and from out of nowhere he yells "she's lying! she's not really [insert the fake name here] and she doesn't work for [insert fake company here]!!! don't listen to her!!!" i can't help myself from busting a gut and have to put her on hold for a good few minutes to compose myself. what's a girl to do?

go back to reading her books, i suppose. i just finished reading:

beautifully written book, more or less about "London Above,""London Below," and a man named Richard Mayhew. two nice quotes for you to feast on:

Richard:(referring to submitting to torture)"Don't do it. Don't set it free. We don't matter."
Marquis de Carabas: "Actually, I matter very much. But I have to agree. Don't do it."

"Richard had noticed that events were cowards: they didn't occur singly, but instead they would run in packs and leap out at him all at once."

i'm also immersed in:

i will leave you with this: disturbingly mesmerizing.

and on a cheesier note, i saw AVP. wanted to see it for the effects and nostalgia, ended up quite pumped over it. for a tacky action-thriller, "it done good." and hey, it was even sprinkled with bits of bishop.

and on a not-so-cheesy note, this weekend i had the best filet mignon...ever. succulent to the bone, it was.

and a nod to the nerd. check some pictures here.

flippin' SWEET.
i got through finals week in one piece. lesson to be learned: never procrastinate final projects at an art school. good thing i have my little green absinthe faerie to keep me on task. (or was that off task?)

three weeks of heavy drinking, here i come.


it's picture time, 'yall.
a nice icon.
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from the very mouth of a Miss Jenny Herself
I got off probation today. Nothing can ruin this day, unless someone dies or Roman breaks up with me, or if im about to burn to death, drownd to death, sufficate to death, be eaten alive by another human being, pirana, thousands of ants, or centipedes. This day will also be ruined if i somehow have to have an enema, my boobs fall off, my brother puts nair in my shampoo, someone makes me eat wax beans, brussel sprouts, or cabbage, if someone hits my car, both of my jobs fire me, all my family and friends disown me, if someone frames me for murder or plants drugs on me and than calls the police. If someone shoves a stick up my butt and than bury's me alive.

If any of this stuff happens than my day will probably be ruined.

But if i lock my keys in my car, get stuck in the snow, throw up, get a hangnail, my phone company shuts my phone off, fall on the ice and my clothes get dirty, get lost, run out of gas, Amy admits she's really straight, my brother and his band play for 8 hours, i lose 50 dollars,(50 and above is cuttin it close to THE RAGE) my day still wouldn't be ruined. Only if those sequence of events happened right in a row, than maybe i would get mad just a little, but i'll be too high to notice.

Yeeesssss. im so excited to get back on track.

riddle me this...
for a gal that's never colored her hair...

why does "pantene color revival" give me softer, more voluminous hair than "pantene sheer volume?"

it just doesn't compute, mr. spock.

a few mighty pictures
i think i'm the only person left on the planet without a digital camera. alas, i make do without.

now check out this twilight zone sheeyite. i always told leslie that she looks like hilary swank, but christ, did they get separated at birth?

here, eric seems to be getting slapped upside the dead. silly boy.

david was trying to sabotage the christmas-tree-arranging. notice his quick innocent shot. do not be foooled.

leslie's eyes are the same color as her coat...the mark of SATAN!

don't ask. i don't know.

the brother visited and we were deliberating on when to hit up the club. he messified my apartment. bah.

bits 'n' pieces
an answer to the blatantly stupid "are we alone?" question.

subsititute Boo Boo Burger with White Castle.