You call that a ham sandwich? Take it away at once!

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what was global is now local.
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I am always on the bottom (wow...that sounded awkward)but you know what I mean.:-p Anywho... I am torn about this flick...but it's a sweet picture none the less. Have a happy holiday and see you in the new year! ^^ HI Jen!

i haven't seen it yet; i'm assuming it'll be just another canned action flick, but the fact that it roots from way back in the day still makes me want to see it. plus, y'know. charlize. 'n stuff.

I take it we are a charlize fan? I am more for the canned action...she really doesn't appeal to me as an actress *cringes for coming blow*

no blow coming, i agree that her acting style is all very similar. it's what makes the distinction between a performer and an actor. but, all in all, i can't say i haven't complained about a lot of the movies she's recently been in.

I haven't seen too many...but what I have seen...I haven't been too impressed...but you are right about acting and performing

Never...but out of respect for Charlize...and your lj...I will let it be. :-)
HAppy New Year!

:D feliz nueva ano! (with a tilda)

ah! and happy holidays to you too! eat, drink, and be merry!

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