You call that a ham sandwich? Take it away at once!

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riddle me this...
for a gal that's never colored her hair...

why does "pantene color revival" give me softer, more voluminous hair than "pantene sheer volume?"

it just doesn't compute, mr. spock.

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Because the "volume" in the Pantene Sheer Volume actually refers to the amount of sound that will eminate from your head as the rougher folicles brush against each other.

point noted. however, that doesn't explain then why the color revival still hasn't turned my skin into it's silky smooth dark molasses shade. i mean, i was born a black baby. :}

you have to invent some sort of handle for people's glasses and stop the cat juggling

why didn't you get dumb blonde, don't you want jenny hill locks?

oh believe you me...i want those silky golden jenny hill the point where i'll smell them like crispin glover in charlie's angels.

:::sniff::: "ohhhhhhhhh......"

but i couldn't find any and i forgot to go to shopko, so i bought whatever my local shop had. worry not, i'll buy it next time.

you are one silly boy mister eric. :D

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