You call that a ham sandwich? Take it away at once!

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a few mighty pictures
i think i'm the only person left on the planet without a digital camera. alas, i make do without.

now check out this twilight zone sheeyite. i always told leslie that she looks like hilary swank, but christ, did they get separated at birth?

here, eric seems to be getting slapped upside the dead. silly boy.

david was trying to sabotage the christmas-tree-arranging. notice his quick innocent shot. do not be foooled.

leslie's eyes are the same color as her coat...the mark of SATAN!

don't ask. i don't know.

the brother visited and we were deliberating on when to hit up the club. he messified my apartment. bah.

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oh yea? be careful, i hear you can be swayed pretty easily...given the right circumstances...and cameras....


josh was up here from january 2nd to the 6th. he came up to interview a band and spend some quality time in chicago.

and thanks, the apartment is small: its just a studio, but it's a great one at that. when you come up for your birthday make sure to bring a camera so you can show alllll the omaha kids your absolutely marvellous friend's place in chicago.

and stay away from my baby, bitch.

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